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Moen Certified

"Buy It For Looks. Buy It For Life." Lifetime warranty. From patented one-piece washerless cartridges to innovative, on-trend styles, Moen ingenuity leads the market.

American Standard

"Never Plunge Again!" Style that works better. Low consumption, high efficiency, Flowise toilets and stylish fixtures. ADA models are also available.

Next Step

2 In 1 toilet seats to accommodate the needs of adults and children without the need of an additional fixture. No need to put up with the mess, the expense, or the space a pint-size fixture requires anymore!

Rheem/Ruud Certified

"The Original. The Best." High recovery too! Check out the savings! Gas, electric, heat pump, and tankless.


Thermostatic mixing valves let you produce 1.5 times more hot water using your existing tank, without sacrificing on energy efficiency. Tank not keeping up with demand?

Insinkerator Certified

"Grind More. Hear Less." Traditional, septic

Ward Flex Certified

"Gas piping is 100% annealed for more flex, requiring fewer joints, fewer leaks and fewer callbacks ... Wardflex has the highest overall flow rate. Wardflex has unlimited lifetime warranty."

Trac Pipe Certified

"TracPipe PS-II is a pre-sleeved, 'onestep' underground installation system that can be used for a wide variety of gas piping applications. TracPipe PS-II allows you to do more - in less time - with lower installed cost than alternative methods."

About Moen

Moen is built on a tradition of superior quality and service. Consumers rate them highest in 11 key brand attributes. Consumers believe Moen faucets are well made and durable with reliable, patented technology and top marks for our styles, finishes, warranty, temperature and flow control features. Whether you prefer Eco-performance fixtures, Modern or Traditional, you can have the features you long for with the finish that excites you and a lifetime warranty on the workmanship.

High Power Toilets

Interested in high performance toilets for low maintenance living? Welcome to "a plunger-free world with an Everclean Surface!" Available in round or elongated styles!

American Standard And Gerber Models

We have American Standard and Gerber models available in standard or comfort height and custom colors. Interested in saving up to 11 gallons of water a day? Try our water-saving Watersense labeled models, and go green! ADA models are also available.

Conversion Toilet Seats

NEW! Easy-to-use magnetically held child-adult-in-one easy conversion toilet seats! No need to put up with the mess, the expense, or the space a pint-size fixture requires anymore!

Water Heater Upgrades

NEW! Water heater upgrade savings! Can't fit a larger tank into your home or don't want to replace your present newer tank, however it's just not keeping up with demand? We have the solution! We can attach a valve that will turn your 40 gallon tank into 60 gallon performer ... or your 80 gallon into a 120 gallon performer without having to replace your present tank, thermostatic mixing valves let you produce 1.5 time more hot water using your existing tank. without sacrificing on energy efficiency. Wow!

Insinkerator Information

Why Choose Insinkerator? Simple. Insinkerator garbage disposals and hot water dispensers are the brand of choice. Whose choice? The professional's choice. In fact, Insinkerator is the choice of 9 out of 10 plumbing professionals. Why? Because of our commitment to quality, service, performance, and reliability. And something more. Our products are the easiest to install, provide greater peace of mind, and offer exclusive We Come To You In-Home Service Warranties. Economically priced Badger models up to The Evolution Excel which features the best of Insinkerator's grinding and SoundSeal Plus noise-reduction technologies, handling more volume and more types of food waste while making 60% less noise than standard disposers. NEW! Created specifically for homes with septic systems, the Evolution Septic Assist delivers the new standard in sound and grind performance.

Gas Piping

Gas piping is superior in a variety of ways: Wardflex has the highest overall flow rate. Wardflex has unlimited lifetime warranty. Every inch of Wardflex is 100% tested. Wardflex is 100% annealed for more flex, requiring fewer joints, fewer leaks and fewer callbacks. Wardflex is sold on free, easy-to-carry reels, in continuous-run coils of up to 1,000 feet. Wardflex has a full-line offering, available in sizes 3/8" to 2". Wardflex is the industry leader in installations and years of experience. Wardflex is lightweight, allowing for faster handling and easier storage. Wardflex is superior to other gas pipe fittings in many ways: The double-seal metal-to-metal and metal-to-gasket increases reliability and reduces potential for leaks. The compact design is 40% smaller than the previous fitting, so it quickly fits into smaller spaces. The one-corrugate ring crush zone seals tight with a couple of quick turns."

Trac Piping

At the hub of the installation is a multiport manifold. From there TracPipe can go anywhere - around obstructions, across attics, or between joists and studs. You pull it just like electric wiring. Protect it with striker plates and your options are endless. Adding a last minute appliance in a TracPipe house? No need to rip out that perfect drywall. Grab some AutoFlare fittings and a tee - you can bend TracPipe with your hands and it holds its shape. Add-ons have never been easier.

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